How to Make Windows 7 Bootable DVD

First of all you should have all files related to Windows 7, here I am making Windows 7 64bit Ultimate but this process will work for all Windows 7.

Here I will be using the software Power ISO to create a bootable image of Windows 7.

Open Power ISO and you can see on the down left as Non-bootable Image , now you have to ADD all the files and folders associated with Windows 7 into Power ISO.

Click Add > Select all > Add.


Now you can see all the items are listed in the Power ISO, don’t forget to select DVD 4.7 GB in the extreme DOWN RIGHT corner.


This is the important step to make your DVD bootable, download the bootable file namely boot se7en.bif(2kb) ( , copy the file to desktop.

(To download the file from, after you will click the above link there will be a option of FREE DOWNLOAD, sign in your self with gmail or other account and the file will be there for you to save at desktop)

Now you have to add this boot information to the Power ISO to make it bootable Image.

Go to Action tab > Boot > Add boot information > Browse and select the file located at desktop.

Now it will be a bootable Image. To confirm see the bottom down left corner , it will be written as bootable Image.


Click the Burn tab > Select Burning Speed at 4X > Check Verify written data > Click Burn.

Now this DVD will be a bootable DVD, which you can use as windows 7 installation disc.


ImageAnd at last we will get the below one with all verification done:Image

After this DVD will come put from DVD Writer Automatically.

Thanks for reading my Blog.

Any Issues Let me know !!

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