Database upgrade from to

Before I dig into the upgrade stuff this is what i did before upgrading. 1. Created DB11g instance in – with ORACLE_HOME=/u02/app/oracle/product/ and ORACLE_BASE=/u02/app/oracle. 2. Installed Software with ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/ and ORACLE_BASE= /u01/app/oracle. So now find out the current version of the database which is DB11g and then we will go ahead with the upgradeContinue reading “Database upgrade from to”

How to create ext4 partition in Oracle Linux 6.3 64bit

Like we added a new Harddisk in our Linux machine and wanted to format in ext4 partition so here is the process. When we add a disk it will be displayed under /dev directory. [oracle@OEL64 ~]$ ls -l /dev/sd*brw-rw—-. 1 root disk 8, 0 Oct 18 23:19 /dev/sdabrw-rw—-. 1 root disk 8, 1 Oct 18Continue reading “How to create ext4 partition in Oracle Linux 6.3 64bit”

Latest Patch Upgrade (PSU) on Database 64 bit on Linux 64 bit

First of check out the latest one what we have already: SQL> select * from registry$history 2 /ACTION_TIME ACTION NAMESPACE VERSION ID COMMENTS BUNDLE—————————— ———- ———- ———- ———- ——————– ——17-SEP-11 AM APPLY SERVER 0 Patchset PSU10-OCT-13 PM APPLY SERVER 0 Patchset PSU SQL> So there is no patch updatedContinue reading “Latest Patch Upgrade (PSU) on Database 64 bit on Linux 64 bit”

How to Un-install/De-install Oracle from Solaris/Linux

Why should we use this utility: We should use this utility so that each and every entry will be removed which was created while installing the ORACLE_HOME, if we will directly remove the ORACLE_HOME using OS Commands, we may face further issues of the oracle configuration. Because when we install Oracle Software many files getsContinue reading “How to Un-install/De-install Oracle from Solaris/Linux”

Install Oracle Client 11gR2 64bit on Windows Server

Locate the software and double click: Click run, the below window will be displayed: Select the Administration and Press Next. Nothing to change here, press Next. Browse the location to install the client. Press Next. The installation will be started like below: Below screen will come up: Installation will be started for the Oracle Client:Continue reading “Install Oracle Client 11gR2 64bit on Windows Server”

Installing Oracle Database on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3 64bit

First of all check the Hostname and IP on which we are going to install the Oracle Database. Hostname: OEL64.localdomain IP: Confirm the bit version of Operating System: [root@OEL64 ~]# uname -ix86_64[root@OEL64 ~]# Download the Database Files (, from Oracle Site and put it on the server. Now we will start configuring perquisite. 1. HostsContinue reading “Installing Oracle Database on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3 64bit”