Latest Patch Upgrade (PSU) on Database 64 bit on Linux 64 bit

First of check out the latest one what we have already: SQL> select * from registry$history 2 /ACTION_TIME ACTION NAMESPACE VERSION ID COMMENTS BUNDLE—————————— ———- ———- ———- ———- ——————– ——17-SEP-11 AM APPLY SERVER 0 Patchset PSU10-OCT-13 PM APPLY SERVER 0 Patchset PSU SQL> So there is no patch updatedContinue reading “Latest Patch Upgrade (PSU) on Database 64 bit on Linux 64 bit”

How to Un-install/De-install Oracle from Solaris/Linux

Why should we use this utility: We should use this utility so that each and every entry will be removed which was created while installing the ORACLE_HOME, if we will directly remove the ORACLE_HOME using OS Commands, we may face further issues of the oracle configuration. Because when we install Oracle Software many files getsContinue reading “How to Un-install/De-install Oracle from Solaris/Linux”