How to uninstall WebTier in Linux/Solaris – 64bit

Hello yesterday i was stuck in the situation that i need to uninstall WebTier, reason it was not visible in the Fusion MIddleware Control.

So i planned to uninstall it and did the installation again, in case if you face the same problem and need to clean uninstall of the WebTier.

Make sure if you want to uninstall all the instances associated then first remove them before you proceed further because if you will remove oracle home first without removing associated instances you may face unwanted error when you will start the installation of WebTier again.

So let me start:

First of all check all installed using opmnctl:


Now before uninstalling please stop the opmnctl processes.


Now we will go ahead and uninstall the WebTier from our Soalris box:

Go to the Web_Tier_ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin (on UNIX operating systems) or Web_Tier_ORACLE_HOME\oui\bin (on Windows operating systems) directory and start the deinstaller.

On UNIX operating systems:

./runInstaller -deinstallImageGo through the steps and you will be done. Steps are self explanatory:ImageImageMake sure if you uninstall the associated instances first and then go ahead with uninstalling ORACLE_HOME. Select 2nd Option to uninstall the instances and then after you are done then remove ORACLE_HOME completely (Oracle_Home is normally Oracle_WT 1 directory created in Fusion Middleware Home. It will not remove any Weblogic Server related files.)


So if you will Oacle_WT1 directory has been removed from the ORACLE_BASE directory.ImageIts done.

Hope it helps..


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