How to do Custom Partition in Linux 5uX using Logical Volume Manager

Below post will describe how can we make Custom Partition in Linux using Logical Volume Manager. Benefit of having LVM is – we can later on increase the size of our Physical Volume so we no need to worry about the space now.


Boot partition can not be in LVM so we will create boot partition individually and remaining partition will go for Physical Volume.


After we done with boot partition we will configure rest of the partition space for PV like below.


Now select PV and click on LVM to create Volume Groups. Volume Name group can be decided by your choice.


Now we will create Logical Volumes in this Volume Group. Click on Add and select the “File System Type” as SWAP.Ideally SWAP partition should be double of physical RAM.


SWAP partition is created as per below.


Now again click on Add and create partition for root (/), we can multiple partition as per our requirement. In this case i only created two partition, SWAP and ROOT.


So we are done with two Logical Volumes below.


This would be final partition window in our case.That can be different as per the partition size you define.



Select the partition in which we will be planning to install RHEL. Press Next:


Below screen will come up, either you create boot loader or not that your choice:


Give a valuable HOSTNAME to this machine, that will be used to identify this machine over network:


Select the region and Press Next:


Give the root password and confirm password. Press Next:


So we are finally on that stage in which we can customize our required software what we need and what we don’t need.


Hope this helps. This way we can create LVM partition.

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