Required Software to get X Window in Linux 5uX.

I have been informed by many students that they did not get the X Window of Linux when they first tried Linux Installation in their environment.

Its simply lack of information that they need to have to get this X Window in Linux. Given below are the details that can help students to achieve what they really want without roaming around here and there.

Screen which comes before the below one has been discussed in other Post. This screen comes when we need to select particular Software to make our Linux work. So select Customized Now option below and Press Next.


So first of all you need to select Desktop Environment – GNOME solve the purposes.19

Press Next and you will get the below screen. These are the application you need (minimum). You can select all but make sure that is required and installation will take time as per your selection.20

In case of Development, select the following. Make sure – X Software Development option is selected.21

In Servers – Server Configuration Tools is important. Printing Support is up to you.22

In Base System – Select almost all, mainly that has tools with them. Get them installed.23

Select – X Window System from Base System.24

So after you press Next, application which you have selected would be checked and installed accordingly and finally you will be getting the X Window of Linux.

Thanks !

Hope it helps…

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