How to do Custom Partition in Linux 6uX using Logical Volume Manager

Below post will describe how can we make Custom Partition in Linux using Logical Volume Manager. Benefit of having LVM is – we can later on increase the size of our Physical Volume so we no need to worry about the space now.


Select “Create Custom Layout” for custom partition. 2

Press Next and Disk will be displayed which we have selected for the partition.3

Select the partition and press Create button, below screen will come up.4

Select “Standard Partition” and click on create, below screen will come up:5

Just to show /boot partition can not be in LVM i selected Swap name and gave size 200MB, later on we will change it to /boot. So it will look like below.


Now select the Free Size and click on “Create”, pop up will come up – then select “LVM Physical Volume” and Press “Create”:


File System Type – should be “physical volume(LVM)” and give “Fill to maximum allowable size” to this and press OK.


It will be displayed like below:


Now its time to create “Logical Volume Group” on top of “Physical Volume” we created.10

Click Create – Give Volume Group Name – VOLGroup00 and Physical Extent is 4 MB, in our case it will solve the purpose.


Now click on Add and Create Partition for SWAP and select almost double of RAM – however not necessary. Press OK.


SWAP partition over Logical Volume has been created, we can easily extend it later on. That is what we are going to get if we need to.


Click Add again and create Logical Volume root(/) – we can create as many as we want as per our requirement, however we are creating only two as of now. Press OK.14

It will be look like like below, so now we have two Logical Volumes in Volume Group.15

Finally it will look like below:


No select the main partition to install Oracle Linux 6.3 and Press Next:17

So we will get the below error as we did not create /boot partition separately and Kernel will decide that /root partition will itself contain /boot- though its not possible to have /boot partition in Logical Volumes.18

So press ok and select the SWAP partition we created above and gave 200 MB.Change the – Mount Point to /boot and File System Type – ext4. Press OK. Make sure it should be – Force to be a Primary Partition.19

So now it will be like below. We have /boot partition as well.20

Select the partition and Click Next and below screen will come up, Click Format.21

Click on – Write changes to disk.22

After few seconds below screen will come up and we are good to go for installation.23

That’s it.

Hope it helps..

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