Required Software to get X Window in Linux 6uX.

I have been informed by many students that they did not get the X Window of Linux when they first tried Linux Installation in their environment.

Its simply lack of information that they need to have to get this X Window in Linux. Given below are the details that can help students to achieve what they really want without roaming around here and there.

Screen which comes before the below one has been discussed in other Post. This screen comes when we need to select particular Software to make our Linux work. So select Customized Now option below and Press Next.

This is like same post i have posted for 5uX – this post will describe about 6uX.

Below screen comes up during the installation, we did partition using LVM in our previous Blog, and this is what we get when we need to select the packages for X window. Check on Customize Now and Press Next.


This is self explanatory and we need to select required one at right hand side window. We can do later on if we need to anything extra.


Select the required option from Servers.


From webs services – we don’t need to select anything until we really need to.


Same thing applies here as well. Select the required one only.5

Same for System management. Nothing special to select here.


We don’t need Virtualization as of now.


From the Desktop we need to select the Ticked one to get the X Window.


From the application select the required one – though its up to you whatever you select from Applications.


From Development – Select the Ticked One.


Language is purely your choice.



Press Next and Installation will be started:


That’s it.

Hope it helps..

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