How to Add New Partition in Linux using LVM (Logical Volume Manager)

This concept will only work if we created our partition using Logical Volume Manager while installing the Operating System.

First of all find out the current usage and add 1 disk using VMWare Workstation, this step will be similar to Physical Machine as well.


Find out whether fdisk -l displays /dev/sdb:


Create the partition for /dev/sdb as /dev/sdb1.


Now create the PV Volume on new created disk /dev/sdb1 as below:


As we can we Physical Space has been displayed we need to extend the Volume Group using “vgextend”:


Confirm the Volume group has been extended or not, now we can see size has been increased to 39.79 GB.


Now finally find out the Logical Volume which is currently there:


Now extend the Logical Volume per the below command:


After the extend the logical volume we need to re-size the Logical Volume


Verify the space again, it has been increased to 14 Gig to 34 Gig.


Thanks for viewing.

Hope it helps…

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