How to configure IP Address in Solaris 10 Manually

Hello Guys, I also faced the same problem where i did not configure the IP while installing the OS and decided to configure it later on and i did not know how to do that either.

Finally I searched on google and, i hope the below way will help many who is trying to achieve the same thing:

1. First of all find out what all we have in our system:


2. So i knew that NIC card was installed, however it was not showing up, so we needed to make it visible first of all, for that we have to use “dladm show-link” command, it will show us the NIC Card available for this machine.

Next Step would be to make this device up (We need to select the NIC Device which we have got from the previous command ) so that it could be visible through ifconfig -a command. This is what we achieved in below screenshot.


3. Finally we have to set the IP along with the Sub netmask


4. There are few other changes which we need to do before we get the final picture, if file is not there then create it and change it as per the configuration:


5. Make changes in /etc/hosts file as well:


6. Similar changes need to be done in – /etc/inet/hosts file as well:


And we are sorted now…let me know if that helps.

Thanks for reading!

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