How to add More Space in pre-existing mount Point – using LVM (RHEL/OEL 6)

Just to achieve that we added 1 disk in the VM environment and switched on the machine.

Verify the current disk usage:


Add the new disk and verify using below command:


Partition the new added disk:


So now we have /dev/sdb1 new formatted partition created to use to increase the size of mount point. Create the physical volume out of this new partition:


Find out all available physical volume presented:


Find out the volume group name which we really need to extend and extend it using vgextend command like below:


Now check again vgdisplay:


We can see that 39.99 GB is visible now from vgdisplay command.

Now we have to find out which logical volume has to extend finally, find out through lvdisplay command:


So the actual LV we have to increase is – /dev/vg_oralinux/LogVol01.

Use command – lvextend to add space to logical volume:


Still it did not add the space to logical volume, we just need 1 more step to get this done.

Use resize2fs command to add space in logical volume.


So finally we have 40 GB added in the logical volume.

Hope it helps…


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