Configuring Oracle ASM Library Software to create Disk Groups – Part 3

Now as a next step, we have to configure Oracle ASM library software which will be used to Create ASM Disks Groups.

Now mount the Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.7 in your Virtual Machine. By default its is not mounted as below:


To mount it go to VM and Click on Settings:


Now go to CD/DVD Option in left pane, on the right pane – Click on Use ISO Image FIle, there you have to Browse the OEL 6.7 Software.


After you browse it, you have to check on Connected as below, so that the iso image can be seen through our machine:


So now its visible:


We have to install – oracleasm-support-2.1.8-1.el6.x86_64.rpm which we can find out in OS iso file itself.

Go to the ISO Image Directory which we got after we mounted it, and go to Packages folder like below.

Install the oracleasm-support-2.1.8-1.el6.x86_64.rpm, using rpm command as below:


Apart from this we need to install oracleasmlib software for OEL/RHEL 6, that can be downloaded from the below website:


Download and Place it on the server. I kept in the desktop folder, use rpm -Uvh command to install the RPM.


Now we have installed 2 important libraries for creating the Disk Groups, which we will be used in the Next Blog.

Prerequisite before we Create Disk Groups for ASM – Part 4


Hope it helps..

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