Creating Disk Groups Using Oracle ASM Libraries – Part 5

Configuring and load the ASM kernel module (as the “root” user):

# /usr/sbin/oracleasm configure -i

It will ask for User and Group who will be managing Oracle ASM Disk Groups.


Load the oracleasm kernel module:


Now in my previous Post i created the Disks for ASM Disk Groups (Getting Ready for ASM Disks in VMWare Workstation – Part 2):

We have 3 disks with us:

/dev/sdc1 – 20 GB – DATA
/dev/sbd1 – 10 GB – LOG
/dev/sde1 – 500 MB – CRS

Creating ASM disks:


Test disks discovery (oracle-discovery is being used by the oracle database creation assistant (dbca)):


So now we are good with the ASM Disks now. In next Blog we will be installing Grid Software and Create Disk Groups.


Hope It helps..



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