How to Download and Configure Latest OPatch Utility to apply CPU/PSU Patches

This post is to describe how to get latest opatch utility to apply patches on Oracle Database or GRID Home.

Why do we need latest one – Oracle Recommends to use that latest one so that there will not be any backward compatibility issue with OPatch and CPU/PSU patches (however i never got that).

Make sure you have credentials to get software from MOS, Edelivery websites which has all related oracle software.

Now to get the latest OPatch Utility, go to below link:


It will go to below page where it will ask you to provide MOS Username/Password.


Once you Sign In you will get the below image, select appropriate version with Release and Click on Download, save the software somewhere at your desktop.


Once its downloaded, we have to keep this software on our Linux Server.

Go to /tmp/oracle_patches. If this directory does not exist create it. Go to /tmp and – mkdir oracle_patches.

Once you are in /tmp/oracle_patches, create a different directory to keep OPatch utility software. Using WInSCP or FileZilla utility, transfer the software in the directory newly created:


Unzip it and you will get the OPatch Directory Created.


[oracle@ora-linux OPatch_Utility_11.]$ unzip

[oracle@ora-linux OPatch_Utility_11.]$ ls -lrt
total 51504
drwxr-x—. 10 oracle oinstall 4096 Aug 18 14:33 OPatch
-rw-r–r–. 1 oracle oinstall 52733900 Dec 7 15:16
[oracle@ora-linux OPatch_Utility_11.]$



Now we will replaces our old OPatch Utility with the new one.

Before that we will check the version of each utility.

Go to $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch  (This ORACLE_HOME contains software required for Oracle Database.) and in the new OPatch directory to find out the version of each utility:


So what we have in ORACLE_HOME is – and what we have in newly downloaded one is –

So now we will take backup of what we have in $ORACLE_HOME and replace it with the newer version.

Go to $ORACLE_HOME, rename the current one and replace it with new one:

Here we are moving the current one to some other name, we can also choose to remove it, there is no harm. rm -r OPatch can also be used instead of moving it, because we are not going to use it anyways.

So after we moved it to some other name, we don’t have OPatch Utility anymore.


Now we will go to oracle_patches directory and will move the new one to $ORACLE_HOME. Make sure your ORACLE_HOME is correctly configured:


Now go to ORACLE_HOME again and in OPatch directory and try opatch version, it will give you the new one now:


By this way we are done with the OPatch utility Download and replacing with current one.

Let me know if any questions.

Hope it helps…


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