Installation of OpenFiler for RAC Storage

Here in this blog we will installing OpenFiler for our RAC Installation. First of all download the iso file from openfiler website to get it installed:


After we download it, we will be configuring this in our VM Machine to get it installed finally.

First of all create the desired directory to keep the OpenFiler VM Image. I created the directory – D:\VMs\RAC-\OFStorage12c.


Now create a machine in VMware Workstation for this Open Filer:234

Give the name of the Machine to get it identified easily, like i selected the name – Storage12c, location must be the same which we created above – D:\VMs\RAC-\OFStorage12c.


8 GB Size is sufficient for this, 2 GB will be allocated to SWAP too.


Change the RAM Configuration and change it to 1 GB at least.


Now we are all set to install OpenFiler. Power on this virtual machine.


Follow the step by step procedure, its very easy to install if you have ever installed Linux Operating System.


Press Next and Select – Create custom layout.


So we have 8 GB of free space, out of which we will 2 GB to Swap and 6 GB to / to get the ball rolling.


All set to move on now with the configuration above.


Configure the IP, normally for test purposes we usually use IPs in the range 192.168.X.X.


Once all set, go ahead and Press Next,


Select your area and give root password below.


So easy yo, we finally we have OpenFiler installed. Click Reboot.


Go to VM Setting for this machine and change the network connection to Custom. Why – because we want to access this machine from our host operating system which is Windows 7 – 64 bit here in this case. Definitely we have to configure VMnet1 within the same network as storage so that it could ping this machine, we could achieve this configuration by going to network connection in control panel. Find below:


So we are in same network in both the cases – Host IP – VMnet1 and Storage IP.


Now ping the storage IP from Host OS and you see its working fine, sometimes it does not work, so make sure you have disabled the firewall in Guest Operating System which is OpenFiler Storage in this case.


Now access the OpenFiler GUI – https://<OpenFiler_System_IP&gt;:446.

So in our case it was like –


Default password of OpenFiler is – openfiler/password. So use this credentials and we wil get the GUI like below:


We are done with the installation. Next step would be configuration, which is something important to understand, though its not that complicated.

Thanks !!



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