Network Configuration for RAC

So here we will cover the Network Configuration for our RAC. First of all, select the IPs which needs to be configured for our setup.

As this is just a test setup, so i did chose IP of my own choice and put it in the /etc/hosts file for both the nodes.

As we know there are 4 Types of IP configuration required for successful RAC Implementation:

  1. Public IP – 192.168.0.X
  2. private IP – 192.168.1.X
  3. Virtual IP – 192.168.0.X
  4. Scan IP – 3 IP are recommended for a Setup

We have to make sure that Private IP must belong to the same network as Public IP. And Public IP and Virtual IP must belong to same network.

Normally SCAN IP must not be configured here in the /etc/hosts file, but I am just doing for now. Later once we start our installation we will remove or comment the SCAN IP from /etc/hosts file.


For now we only have 1 NIC – eth0, however for Oracle RAC we need at least two, 1 for Public IP and other one would be for Private IP. So we have to add it to get hold of Private IP.


Add an extra adapter in Node 1 and Node 2 Machine. If you have more than 2 nodes then do it accordingly for all.


Press OK and restart the Machine. For now we are only starting Node1. Once i logged in and did ifconfig, this is what I got.

Automatically IP has been assigned to eth1, however we dont need this IP to be configured for this network. We need to configure Private IP for Node 1 which is –

So how would be achieve that, so just note down the Hardware Address of this NIC – eth1, I have yellowed that part.


Now just copy the configuration from eth0 to eth1 using cp command. Unfortunately there is no file with name ifcfg-eth1, so we have to copy it from the existing one.

I copied it and cat the file to see the content, as of now eth1 has the same content as eth0. Of course because we just copied it from eth0.


So now edit the file ifcfg-eth1 using vi editor. File is opened like below. What i changed here:


That’s it.


Just check the content what i changed just now using cat command.


So when it looked good to me, I restarted the network like below.


After network got restarted, do ifconfig again to see if everything is picked up. And wow we got it. So correct IP has been configured with correct Hardware Address.


Follow the same step for Node 2 and you will see like below.


So public and private IP has been configured, however you wont be able to ping Private IP from different server, because it does not come up unless we install GRID Software.

Any questions just let me know.


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