Renaming Database Name in 12c (

So in this post we are planning to change the Database Name from cdb2 to cdb3. Just see how it goes: First of all find out the Old Database Location for which we are planning to change the name: [oracle@oracle12c ~]$ du -sh /u01/app/oracle/oradata/CDB2/ 3.8G /u01/app/oracle/oradata/CDB2/ [oracle@oracle12c ~]$ Connect to the database and find outContinue reading “Renaming Database Name in 12c (”

Configuring SCAN for Oracle RAC Database

This blog is only for Oracle RAC Setup, I am not a network expert but I used my skills to collect knowledge from different blogs and compiled it in a easy way here. I found it bit difficult initially when i did not know anything about DNS and SCAN IP. For this Setup I willContinue reading “Configuring SCAN for Oracle RAC Database”

Installation of OpenFiler for RAC Storage

Here in this blog we will installing OpenFiler for our RAC Installation. First of all download the iso file from openfiler website to get it installed: After we download it, we will be configuring this in our VM Machine to get it installed finally. First of all create the desired directory to keep the OpenFilerContinue reading “Installation of OpenFiler for RAC Storage”

Installation of Grid Software

Okay, so now we have to install our GRID Software after we are done with all of our prerequisites. Locate the grid software, which we got after unzipping the software. Call runInstaller file and proceed ahead: Select the option – “Install and Configure Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster” For now we will be planingContinue reading “Installation of Grid Software”

Installation of RAC Database

So here we are finally to install the database software over our recently installed Grid Software. Go to the database directory where we have unzipped the software and run the installer. First screen will come up to start up the process: As we are planning to install RAC Database immediately with the software installationContinue reading “Installation of RAC Database”


Few concerns for this patch: This patch is not Oracle RAC Rolling installable. This patch is not Data Guard Standby First Installable. This patch requires any one of the following Oct2014 or greater to be already installed prior to installing this patch: Database PSU (Oct2014) Database SPU (CPUOct2014) Database patch for Exadata reading “Applying Patch 21555791: ORACLE JAVAVM COMPONENT DATABASE PSU (OCT2015)”