Getting Ready for ASM Disks in VMWare Workstation – Part 1

In this Post i will be discussing about how to create disks for ASM. As a first Step we need to add 3 Disks to our Current Virtual Machine. Here we will be using 3 Disks. 1 – 20 GB for Data, 2 – 10 GB for Logs and 3- for CRS information that willContinue reading “Getting Ready for ASM Disks in VMWare Workstation – Part 1”

Prerequisite check “CheckActiveFilesAndExecutables” failed

Today i was trying to remove the Oracle Patch (21352646) from HOME and Database which was recently applied by me on one of our test instance, however i faced the problem while doing that. ============================================================= [oracle@testdb 21352646]$ $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch nrollback -idFile $ORACLE_HOME/cpu/CPUOct2015/rollback_all.lst Oracle Interim Patch Installer version Copyright (c) 2015, Oracle Corporation. All rightsContinue reading “Prerequisite check “CheckActiveFilesAndExecutables” failed”

Mandatory Background Processes in 11gR2 Database

The mandatory background processes are present in all typical database configurations. These processes run by default in a database instance started with a minimally configured initialization parameter file. This section describes the following mandatory background processes: Process Monitor Process (PMON) System Monitor Process (SMON) Database Writer Process (DBWn) Log Writer Process (LGWR) Checkpoint Process (CKPT)Continue reading “Mandatory Background Processes in 11gR2 Database”

Oracle SOA Suite 12c : Build Composite Applications

This Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Build Composite Applications training teaches you how to design and develop SOA composite applications for application integration with services. You’ll use a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation approach. Learn To: Create a SOA Composite application using JDeveloper. Initiate SOA composite applications using the Events Delivery Network. Test, debug and troubleshoot aContinue reading “Oracle SOA Suite 12c : Build Composite Applications”

Upgrade Your Oracle Database Administrator OCA to OCP with a Streamlined Path

Simply take 1 training course and pass 1 exam. Previously, upgrading an OCA certification to OCP across versions required multiple exams. Now, you can upgrade directly to one of the latest versions of Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional with a single exam and a single relevant training course. Upgrade to 11g DBA OCP Upgrade fromContinue reading “Upgrade Your Oracle Database Administrator OCA to OCP with a Streamlined Path”

Upgrade Your DBA OCP Certification To Oracle Database 12c With One Exam

Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professionals (OCP) – upgrade to the new Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional certification by taking a single exam, “Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c” (1Z0-060), regardless of the version of Oracle Database on which you are certified – Oracle7, Oracle8, Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle Database 10g, or Oracle Database 11g. With OracleContinue reading “Upgrade Your DBA OCP Certification To Oracle Database 12c With One Exam”

End of era as Larry Ellison steps asides as Oracle CEO

Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison is stepping aside as CEO after 37 years at the helm of the business software maker, ending a colorful reign marked by his flamboyant behavior and outlandish wealth amassed while building one of the world’s best-known technology companies. With the changing of the guard announced, Ellison will be handing over hisContinue reading “End of era as Larry Ellison steps asides as Oracle CEO”

RMAN Related Stuff – Part I

Basic Understanding of RMAN: Recovery Manager (RMAN) is an Oracle utility that helps you manage the backup, restore, and recovery operations on Oracle databases. Recovery Manager has a command-line interface. Oracle Enterprise Manager also provides a graphical user interface for the Recovery Manager. You can detect block corruption. The information relating to the block corruptionContinue reading “RMAN Related Stuff – Part I”

How to uninstall WebTier in Linux/Solaris – 64bit

Hello yesterday i was stuck in the situation that i need to uninstall WebTier, reason it was not visible in the Fusion MIddleware Control. So i planned to uninstall it and did the installation again, in case if you face the same problem and need to clean uninstall of the WebTier. Make sure if youContinue reading “How to uninstall WebTier in Linux/Solaris – 64bit”