Error Message When Calling Oraenv Script From User Not In Dba/Oinstall Group

Normally when we run oraenv script from different user than oracle we usually get the below error: [oratest@GI01 ~]$ . oraenv ORACLE_SID = [oratest] ? testdb ORACLE_BASE environment variable is not being set since this information is not available for the current user ID oratest. You can set ORACLE_BASE manually if it is required. [oratest@GI01Continue reading “Error Message When Calling Oraenv Script From User Not In Dba/Oinstall Group”

How to Use Operating System Authentication for Different User in Oracle

We normally use Linux Oracle user to authenticate for SYSDBA privilege and we don’t need to pass the username/password for it. But how can we do it for a different we have, how can the different user can connect to Database using OS Authentication. [oratest@GI01 ~]$ . oraenv ORACLE_SID = [oratest] ? testdb ORACLE_BASE environmentContinue reading “How to Use Operating System Authentication for Different User in Oracle”

Grid Software Installation on RHEL 5.4 using ASM

So in this post i will be installing the Grid Software on RHEL 5u4. We have configured our disk to be able to make it available for ASM. [root@test ~]# /usr/sbin/oracleasm scandisks Reloading disk partitions: done Cleaning any stale ASM disks… Scanning system for ASM disks… [root@test ~]# /usr/sbin/oracleasm listdisks DISK1 DISK2 DISK3 [root@testContinue reading “Grid Software Installation on RHEL 5.4 using ASM”

Instantiating disk: failed or Initializing the Oracle ASMLib driver: [FAILED]

Both of the errors above are related. However the sequence should be like: 1. First check drivers are available or not. Sometimes we think we installed all 3 required libraries but still we get errors. It happened in my case I downloaded the exact libraries for my kernel, but still I was getting errors. 2.Continue reading “Instantiating disk: failed or Initializing the Oracle ASMLib driver: [FAILED]”

Move Tables from One Schema to Another

This is just an example of moving few tables like 1 or 10, for more tables it might be a time consuming process. Here i am considering moving 1 table from one schema to another schema. Firstly create the DDL from 1 schema using this link:¬† and then simply change the Schema 2 in theContinue reading “Move Tables from One Schema to Another”

Export Oracle DDL to flat file using sql developer

Open SQL Developer, connect to the database. Below i connected to SYS user and then go to Other User in left pane. Here i am going to take the DDL of EMP table from SCOTT Schema Expand it and select the table for which you are looking for DDL.. Right click on the table. ClickContinue reading “Export Oracle DDL to flat file using sql developer”

Database upgrade from to

Before I dig into the upgrade stuff this is what i did before upgrading. 1. Created DB11g instance in – with ORACLE_HOME=/u02/app/oracle/product/ and ORACLE_BASE=/u02/app/oracle. 2. Installed Software with ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/ and ORACLE_BASE=¬†/u01/app/oracle. So now find out the current version of the database which is DB11g and then we will go ahead with the upgradeContinue reading “Database upgrade from to”

Latest Patch Upgrade (PSU) on Database 64 bit on Linux 64 bit

First of check out the latest one what we have already: SQL> select * from registry$history 2 /ACTION_TIME ACTION NAMESPACE VERSION ID COMMENTS BUNDLE—————————— ———- ———- ———- ———- ——————– ——17-SEP-11 AM APPLY SERVER 0 Patchset PSU10-OCT-13 PM APPLY SERVER 0 Patchset PSU SQL> So there is no patch updatedContinue reading “Latest Patch Upgrade (PSU) on Database 64 bit on Linux 64 bit”

How to Un-install/De-install Oracle from Solaris/Linux

Why should we use this utility: We should use this utility so that each and every entry will be removed which was created while installing the ORACLE_HOME, if we will directly remove the ORACLE_HOME using OS Commands, we may face further issues of the oracle configuration. Because when we install Oracle Software many files getsContinue reading “How to Un-install/De-install Oracle from Solaris/Linux”

Install Oracle Client 11gR2 64bit on Windows Server

Locate the software and double click: Click run, the below window will be displayed: Select the Administration and Press Next. Nothing to change here, press Next. Browse the location to install the client. Press Next. The installation will be started like below: Below screen will come up: Installation will be started for the Oracle Client:Continue reading “Install Oracle Client 11gR2 64bit on Windows Server”