Installing Oracle Database on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3 64bit

First of all check the Hostname and IP on which we are going to install the Oracle Database. Hostname: OEL64.localdomain IP: Confirm the bit version of Operating System: [root@OEL64 ~]# uname -ix86_64[root@OEL64 ~]# Download the Database Files (, from Oracle Site and put it on the server. Now we will start configuring perquisite. 1. HostsContinue reading “Installing Oracle Database on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3 64bit”

oratab and oraInst.loc location in Solaris

Usually we know these files we easily get at /etc in Linux and AIX. Here we are talking about Solaris machine. In Solaris we can find these two files at the below location: Just to know the release on which we are working: bash-3.00$ cat /etc/release Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 s10s_u9wos_14a SPARC Copyright (c) 2010,Continue reading “oratab and oraInst.loc location in Solaris”