Installation of OpenFiler for RAC Storage

Here in this blog we will installing OpenFiler for our RAC Installation. First of all download the iso file from openfiler website to get it installed: After we download it, we will be configuring this in our VM Machine to get it installed finally. First of all create the desired directory to keep the OpenFilerContinue reading “Installation of OpenFiler for RAC Storage”

How to download latest CPU/PSU Patches

As we are aware of that Oracle releases patches every quarter ( Jan, April, July and Oct ), however many does not know how to get these patches and apply them on our Database or GRID etc. So this post is to help those guys, now go to and simple search “cpu patch OctContinue reading “How to download latest CPU/PSU Patches”

UX: useradd: ERROR: Inconsistent password files. See pwconv(1M).

Recently I was trying to create an Oracle user on Solaris 10 and i got this error while giving useradd command. bash-3.2# useradd -g oinstall -G dba -d /export/home/oracle -s /usr/bin/bash oracle UX: useradd: ERROR: Inconsistent password files. See pwconv(1M). bash-3.2# To resolve this error i did some search and find out to verify contentContinue reading “UX: useradd: ERROR: Inconsistent password files. See pwconv(1M).”

How to Rename ethernet interface to eth0 in Linux

Today again I am going to discuss 1 more issue which I faced recently with Oracle Enterprise Linux – 6.3, maybe there are many who might have faced this¬†already. So let me discuss the problem first. What’d caused the issue? — I copied my VM Ware Machine- A from my current laptop to different laptopContinue reading “How to Rename ethernet interface to eth0 in Linux”